Brock Seals is a multi-faceted artist, whose creativity spans many different mediums, including his skills as a rapper and songwriter as well as a heralded painter and designer. Having captured the attention of many, including the likes of Erykah Badu, Dapper Dan, Nipsey Hussle and most recently his collaboration with the St. Louis Cardinals. Seals’ work compliments the historic city of Saint Louis as he has painted several murals throughout the city from The Delmar loop, downtown and Saint Louis city. The St. Louis artist draws inspiration from his surroundings and experiences to create timeless art that resonates with the everyday consumer and serves as a reminder that the only more boring than a blank canvas, is a blank mind. Brock aims to create change and give hope with his art. His honest lyrics and willingness to be unique has earned him a modest but rabid fan base that goes wherever he goes.